Are you too busy for love?


I knew I had a problem with busyness when every time someone prayed for me they would mention the verse ‘Be still, and know that I am God'(Psalm 46:10).

I was a speedaholic – too busy for God, too busy to build any strong or even close relationships and my health was suffering. I wasn’t alone. I interviewed more than 1,000 people for my book and discovered that:

  • 75% agree that there is never enough time to get through the things they need to do each day.
  • 64% don’t feel that they give their close relationships enough time.
  • 44% see their best friends only once a month or less.
  • 63% feel regularly stressed or tired.

We can’t have great relationships if we are too stressed, too tired or too busy. We can fool ourselves that a slower day is coming but the truth is that it rarely does. If we really want to lead less stressful lives then we need to make different choices. Continue reading


The Astounding Growth Of The World’s Largest Religion – Christianity

A very different picture emerges contrary to MSM about the real state of Christianity ~ just-out Pew report, “The Global Religious Landscape.” There are a number of fascinating realities and details in the study, but it’s worth examining what it indicates about the place of Christianity in the world. And, based on this data, the world’s largest religion is doing just fine. For simplicity’s sake, let’s examine what the visualizations of Pew’s research show us. (You’ll notice that the data is from 2010; it’s not up-to-the-minute, but, given the challenges of a global survey and the slow rate at which global trends move, it’s still relatively current.) Continue reading